Our Five Favourite Healthy Restaurants in London

While The Pure Package obviously recommends weight loss management through our range of diet delivery packages, we also understand that everyone likes to eat out occasionally too. And if you have done really well on one of our gourmet diet delivery programmes, you might feel like treating yourself but without undoing all the benefits of your diet plan. We’re happy to tell you that there are a large number of restaurants in London that complement the key Pure Package healthy eating message. Here are our five favourites.

Kicking things off is the Hummus Bros chain, which has locations in Soho, Holborn and St Paul’s. We’re big fans of Hummus here at The Pure Package because as we’ve mentioned previously in this blog post, chickpeas are a great low fat source of protein, dietary fibre and iron, and we use them frequently in our weight loss management programmes. Hummus Bros was started in 2005 by two college friends who had a desire to open a place “where hummus could be served and celebrated with flair”. As well as the very reasonable price tag (a dish will cost you no more than £8), one of the great things about Hummus Bros is that it has dishes to cater to people with various food allergies and intolerances, something we ourselves take into account with our gourmet diet delivery services.

As you can see from this video, posted by JohnnyChickpea, the YouTube frontman of the Hummus Bros chain, Friends star David Schwimmer is a big fan:

Next up is Tossed, a salad bar chain with six locations in the capital. The great thing about Tossed is that their salads are made on the day, to be eaten on the day, which means they keep their valuable nutrients and vitamins. They have loads of different salads to choose from as well as allowing you to create your own, and will literally “toss your fresh ingredients in front of you”.

Tossed’s menu also includes breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps, soups, stews and yummy smoothies. The thing we like about Tossed is that it is all about providing healthy, exciting food without compromising choice or portion size, an idea which is fundamental to The Pure Package’s message of responsible weight loss management.

Situated in the healthy eating and living hotspot of Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, the World Food Cafe is a great little place for some healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes from around the globe. Founded on the idea that “whatever the difference in language, you can always have a dialogue over a hot stove”, a visit to the World Food Cafe is a virtual culinary trip around the globe, through its offering of dishes from a variety of locations such as India, Mexico, Turkey and Africa. The World Food Cafe is a particular highlight in this list because of its location in the colourful, vibrant Neal’s Yard, and the dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients, with a lot of choice for the healthy eater.


Neals Yard Picture by Flickr User Mikelo
Neal’s Yard (World Food Cafe on bottom right) – Photo by Mikelo

Being one of the best London organic restaurants, The Gate in Hammersmith was an obvious choice for this blog post. Opened over two decades ago in 1989, The Gate is one of the capital’s most popular veggie restaurants. While maintaining a few signature dishes and always using fresh and organic (where possible) ingredients, the menu at The Gate is changed every month, to reflect seasonal availability, so repeat visits are definitely encouraged.

Finally, a recommendation made to us through Twitter, by Paperspace Design is Otarian, which is being touted as London’s first low-carbon restaurant (with two locations – Shaftesbury Avenue and Wardour Street). Paperspace Design reviewed the interior of the restaurant here, but let’s talk about the food. Naturally, because of its commitment to the environment, Otarian is a mostly vegan restaurant, with no animal produce of any kind, besides some dairy, being used in their dishes. As well as offering a menu with numerous healthy choices (although we would advise staying away from the burgers and pasta dishes if you’re on one of our weight loss management programmes), each dish comes with a carbon comparison, telling you how healthy each dish is for the environment.

These are just are our own recommendations, so we’d love to hear your suggestions for other healthy restaurants in London.