Red asks Jennifer Irvine About Her Favourite Time Of Day

The Pure Package founder Jennifer Irvine says that her favourite time of the day is 6am, when she seeks out the best produce in the New Covent Garden Market.

Real Lives

The Market at 6am.

Jennifer Irvine, 33, is the founder of food delivery service called The Pure Package.  She lives in Surrey with her husband and three young daughters.

There is something about the air at 6am that always makes me feel inspired. When I was first developing the concept for The Pure Package, in 2004, I used to go running at about that time, and my brain always seemed to fill with ideas.

When I finally launched the business, I was literally working from my own kitchen, until things began to take off. The idea behind The Pure Package is that city dwellers often don’t have very healthy diets, due to a lack of time and limited access to good ingredients. So, I decided that the heart of New Covent Garden Market was the perfect base for us. The tailored menus we deliver are often inspired by the seasonal produce we’re constantly surrounded by.

I love getting an early start. I can wander around the market when the air is crisp and still, and when London is at its cleanest, before the traffic has hit the roads. Most of the stalls are run by Londoners who’ve been working there for generations. The atmosphere buzzes with an infectious excitement. All the food is perfectly fresh, so it smells and tastes amazing. You could walk through the market with a blindfold on, and the fantastic aromas wafting through the air would give away exactly what’s in season.

I’ve always had a passion for food. That probably stems from my childhood, growing up on a farm on the west coast of Ireland. I started my first business selling eggs when I was eight and by the time I was 13, I had a street seller’s licence! Hard work and early starts are a part of who I am – it’s probably feel so at home in the market at that time of the morning.