Our 10 Day Power Diet

In need of a summer makeover but don’t have time to spare? Check out this new speedy solution from The Pure Package – then go!

Your Quick Fix Blitz: The 10 Day Power Diet

If you’re feeling in need of a healthy body fix, but are too busy to leave your desk, try the new Pure Package Swimsuit Sensation Diet.

‘Delivered to your home or office, the nutritionally balanced diet is designed to give you more energy, clearer skin and stop you feeling bloated,’ says Shelley Frosdick from diet service Pure Package. Sarah Moore, a 33 year old banker from London, recently lost 4lbs in 10 days on the programme, and fans of The Pure Package include Erin O’Connor and Alexandra Burke.

A Sample Day’s menu starts with tomato, avocado and cottage cheese on organic rye bread, followed by a snack of black grapes and cashew nuts. Then it’s Thai chicken noodle salad for lunch; a fruit, nut and seed bar to satisfy your mid-afternoon munchies, and spiced kingfish with black bean salsa for dinner.

The meals are all made using fresh vegetables and superfoods from New Covent Garden Market, so you get all the goodness of fresh produce without having to lift a finger yourself.