London Food Markets: The Best Ingredients in Town

When we’re looking for ingredients for our gourmet healthy meals, delivered to your door, we often don’t have to go any further than our own neighbourhood. London food markets can be found in almost any part of the city, and there’s always a wide range of fresh, local produce waiting to be discovered.
To help you find the tastiest morsels in town, we’ve put together a handy Google Map, with a list of some of the most well-known London food markets, including the world-famous Billingsgate London Fish Market, and more. Why not go exploring?

View London Food Markets in a larger map

Our dishes are created using items from some of these brilliant markets. To view more information about any of the markets, click on one of the pins in the map above. Or, if you’d prefer, here are the markets in list form:
For more information on farmers’ markets and London food markets in general, please visit the LFM website, and let us know if you’ve found any delicious treats in your travels around town.