The Team Choose Some of their Favourite Delicious Dishes from our Menus

Every lunch time, the team sits down to enjoy the same healthy, balanced gourmet diet delivery food as our clients do. Having tried all of our delicious dishes, there are sure to be some firm favourites. Here’s what they said…

Naomi, Customer Services
“Our Coconut-poached Chicken and Asian Coleslaw Salad is definitely my favourite dish from any of our personal diet plans – gorgeous! The contrast of the tangy, crunchy coleslaw with the tender coconut chicken is just perfect. The combination of the lime and coconut with a slight hint of chilli is completely scrummy… I know our clients agree as we always get fantastic feedback on this dish.”

Gaby, Operations
“Mine has to be our Puy Lentil, Green Bean & Feta Cheese salad. The colours of the dish are fantastic, but what I really love is the taste and individual textures of each ingredient. You have the creamy, salty feta cheese with the crunchy fine green beans, carrot and celery and then again the creamy texture of the lentils. I am sucker for any dish with cheese on it, but luckily at the Pure Package our gourmet diet delivery meals are all portion controlled so I need not worry!”

Gourmet Diet Delivery: Vegetables

Liis, PA to Operations
“I don’t have an absolute favourite as I find the food I love or crave depends on my mood, weather and how well I slept. With the sun shining outside, today requires something light and crunchy, but at the same time familiar and comforting… and the winner is: Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Cucumber on Rye. As I’m from Northern Europe this dish always reminds me of the warm summer evenings of my childhood when you could get the cucumber and dill straight from the garden and salmon was smoked by your grandfather… Food of good thoughts.”

Ulrika, Kitchen
“As I help to design the personal diet plan menus it would be wrong for me not to have loads of favourites! But one that always gives me a reason to get to lunch in time is our Sesame Beef & Shiitake Salad. The thinly cut fillet of beef is so tender it melts in your mouth but the dressing does it for me. A tamari, chilli, coriander and sesame oil infusion – I just love it and have it on just about anything on the table that day. YUM.”

Gourmet Diet Delivery: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Jennifer, Founder
“So hard to say, it changes with each delivery! I guess it is our breakfast of rye bread with cashew butter and pink grapefruit. I love to toast the rye bread then smother it in cashew butter and squish the grapefruit on the top. It is the perfect combination of smooth, sweet, sour and crunch. Delicious!”

Frankie, Customer Services
“My favourite dish from our range of personal diet plans is the Grilled Kingfish Thai green curry. I love it because first of all the fish is white, dense but soft, and meaty and goes perfectly with the creamy fragrant coconut sauce. I do love anything Thai, but it can occasionally be a little over powering in the hands of restaurants. The way we do it here is subtle, but distinctly Thai and leaves you wanting more. We usually serve it with pak choi, this makes it all the more authentic, and the brown rice gets mushed in with the coconut sauce as well – a winner for me every time. And I’m not usually a great fish lover, so it’s gotta be good.”

Gourmet Diet Delivery: Lunch

At The Pure Package, we believe the secret to healthy eating is portion control, not abstinence. Our clients find themselves eating really well (and our team, as you can see!) on our programmes but in the right quantities. Our philosophy is that you can reach your health goals whilst enjoying delicious nutritionally balanced convenient food. We also do our utmost to ensure that the food we produce is sourced and delivered in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

So, do you agree with the team’s choices? Why not share your favourites from our gourmet diet delivery menus here in our comments section, or let us know what some of your own homemade healthy favourites are?

  • purepackage

    Having read the favourites of my colleagues I find it hard to disagree with any of them… However, I think my absolute favourite has to be Melanzane Parmigiano. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I love all Italian foods but I think this one tops the list; the combination of roasted aubergine with the rich tomato sauce and the yummy mozzarella is what gets my taste buds tingling every time.