Pure Package Cuts its Landfill Contributions

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, launched a major initiative in June to convert London’s food waste into eco-fuel to cut landfill rates and carbon emissions.

Every year, London produces nearly three million tonnes of organic waste, mainly from food. Nearly two thirds of this waste is currently burnt in incinerators or buried in landfill, which produces potent climate change gases. Launched at a major waste industry conference, the Mayor’s ‘Foodwaste to Fuel Alliance’ will bring together developers, food producers, energy companies and others key parties to provide the new infrastructure needed in London to extract the fuel from the capital’s leftover food. This will act as an alternative to fossil fuels to produce a greener energy to heat and power homes and power public transport and other vehicles.

The Pure Package is all for this… and we are trying to do our bit too. By 2010 all of our fruit & vegetable organic waste will be separated, collected and turned into compost or animal feed for farmers.

Watch this space for more exciting pure package environmental initiatives.